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Anglo-Portuguese Society

Anglo-Portuguese Society



Welcome to The Anglo Portuguese Society

The Anglo-Portuguese Society was founded in 1938 to promote friendship between Portugal and the UK, and to increase knowledge of Portugal and its culture and traditions.

The Society is committed to raising funds for children in need in both Portugal and Brazil.

Today the Society has some 600 members mainly Portuguese and British and has an affiliation with the Anglo-Brazilian Society through the BrasiLusans, comprising the younger members of the two societies who stage several parties each year.

The Society aims to cater for all ages and interests and organises parties, musical events and talks with an active and lively annual program.

 Anyone interested in becoming a member or wishing to attend any of these events is most welcome and more information, can be found on the website.

Our Activities

  • Lectures and conferences on all aspects of Portugal

  • Exhibitions of traditional and contemporary Portuguese art

  • Social functions including an annual Black Tie dinner

  • Functions for younger members

  • Regular mailings of events and an annual newsletter

  • Annual academic prize

  • Support for the study of the Portuguese language in the United Kingdom

  • Fund-raising events to support charities in Portugal


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